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Eleanor Convertible

Destiny Resized.jpg

This picture is of the car while it was being built. At this stage it had already been fitted with the Cobra IRS & the Heidts IFS. The green is Etching Primer. None of the Fiberglass has been fitted at this point. 7 weeks of body work & fiberglass fitting followed this picture.

Lft Frt Resized.jpg

This picture is after all the long hours had been worked. Not the best picture because of all the glare & green from background.

Lft Resized.jpg

The young lady in the background is my daughter, Jessica. She was upset because I wouldn't let her drive it

Eleanor vert Res.jpg

This pic was actually taken before the car was totally complete. Notice the fender emblems were not installed. look close and you'll see there is no rear bumper.

Under Eleanor resized.jpg

Under pic of the Cobra IRS & Fuel cell

Inter Eleanor Vert.jpg  

Frt Resized Eleanor Vert.jpg

Front view, If you look close at the little lights that are lowest, You see that they have been converted to yellow turn signal lights.